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FRUIT ORCHARD by Miastkowska design offices for large companies and corporations. We specialize in solving post-pandemic office functionality problems. Our experience allows us to creatively and quickly respond with projects to the changing needs of our clients and their companies.

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Find exactly where you can elevate your productivity

Improving Efficiency: Workplace analysis can helps to identify areas where productivity can be increased

Change Management: We help organizations move through the entire change phase, support HR and internal communication. Additionally, we develop and deliver training and workshops upon request

Understanding Employees: Analyzing the needs and expectations of employees helps to adapt the space to new work models (e.g. remote work, flexible hours)


Start working in beautiful, innovative and effective space

Fresh office in a new location or complete redesign of existing space: A comprehensive project that takes into account the individual needs of the company

Developed functionality: The project preceded by a thorough analysis and research, in which we will determine what zones and categories of workplaces are most necessary for your company

An office you want to go to: An aesthetically pleasing office that influences the perception of the company by its employees and external customers as well. A space conducive to integration and HR activities.


Rearrange your space and turn your office into a cost-effective asset

Optimization of costs during an ongoing contract: Reduction or rearrangement of the used space, with the option to set aside a part of the office for external sublease.

Workspace Improvement: A project that takes into account department rotations and possible changes in the number of employees.

Increasing Motivation and Productivity: A well-designed office significantly impacts employee motivation and increases team productivity.

Aesthetics and Comfort: Attractive and ergonomic design solutions contribute to a friendly and comfortable working environment.

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Get rapid, transformative results

Improving the functionality of the office while maintaining the existing wall layout: Adapting the occupied space to the new working models.

Quick Transformation Effect: Office staging is a metamorphosis that allows you to enjoy the results quickly.

Minimizing Costs: Partial use of existing space elements reduces project costs.

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