Rearrange your space to optimize its effectiveness


Make the office your valuable asset

Do you need to optimize how office is serving your company and employees?
  • Wasted space and high costs in your current office setup
  • Struggling for better efficiency and productivity
  • Layout that doesn’t adapt well to changing team sizes and needs
  • Concerned about not maximizing the potential of your office for subleasing opportunities?

Fruit Orchard by Miastkowska have perfect solutions.

Save money and space with a smart office upgrade

With office optimization, you’ll see immediate benefits in both efficiency and cost savings.

Our tailored approach reshapes your workspace to better suit your team’s daily activities, leading to a noticeable boost in productivity. Plus, by smartly reorganizing your space, you can reduce unnecessary costs and even generate income by subleasing unused areas.

Fruit Orchard is a studio of experts in design that is flexible, meaning it can easily adapt as your team or business needs change, ensuring your office remains a perfect fit for the future.

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Maximize the potential of your office for subleasing

Worried about underused areas in your office?

You could be missing out on extra income through subleasing.

Our service helps you identify and utilize these spaces effectively, turning them into a financial advantage for your business.

Make your office more eco-friendly and meet sustainability regulations

Start with office optimization. Our service focuses on creating greener workspaces by implementing sustainable practices and designs.

We’ll help you reduce your environmental footprint while ensuring compliance with green standards, transforming your office into a model of efficiency and sustainability.

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Beautiful and efficient design

Kasia is not only the author of the majority of our Group’s creative, beautiful and efficient offices interior designs, but has also become our in-house workspace consultant. She helped us with our transition to new offices and new ways to use office space. Any corporate looking for broad support in organizing office space - Kasia is the best address to go to.

Ela Bujniewicz
Strategic outlook

Kasia is a great architect, who takes into consideration strategic functioning of the company. Her managerial experience made our cooperation easy at every level. I recommend Kasia to every manager who wants to responsibly plan their business.

Małgorzata Zbróg
Timely realisation

Without doubt, Kasia achieves success in every professional role she assumes. Competent, dilligent and very creative - she's very reliable and always meets deadlines. She's also great at adressing very specific needs. Beautiful, ergonomic offices are her signature mark. I hope to work with Kasia soon again.

Marta Czartoryska - Żak

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