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What guides us when we work with you

Organic FitOut

Organic Fit-Out describes the process of finding out what would make for a perfect office for the specific needs of a client.

We find this out through careful analysis and by applying our knowledge to the unique needs of our client.

Tailor suited office best describes what we aim for with Organic Fit-Out. We want the board to feel at home in their office, the employees to feel like everything makes sense, and the outside world to be jealous of the workplace.

Data-driven Workplace

Our clients wants their office to fits them perfectly. To make it happen we start by really getting to know your current office – how everyone uses the space, how people work together, and what could be better. We use data and careful analysis to understand all of this.

Our goal is to figure out how your office can work best for you. We don’t just think about how the office looks; we use real data to make sure it works just right for your team’s specific way of working. Our designs are practical, focused on what your business needs, and tailored to how your team works.

Green Design

At Organic Fitout, as members of the Polish Green Building Company we are committed to incorporating sustainable and environmentally friendly practices into our design and planning processes.

This includes using eco-friendly materials, reducing waste, and incorporating energy-efficient systems into our designs.

By doing so, we not only minimize our impact on the environment, but we also help to create healthier and more sustainable work environments for our clients.


What are the main stages and what can you expect

1. Workplace Analysis

We examine your current office to see how your team uses it. This helps us figure out the best ways to improve and make sure the new design really works for your team.

2. Design

Data First: Our designs are informed by detailed data analysis of your workplace, ensuring a blend of aesthetic appeal and functional relevance to your business needs.

3. Executive Supervision

We carefully watch over every step to make sure everything is done right, stays on budget, and matches what you want.

4. Office Improvements

When your company evolves we help you fits the office for the new challenges. We aim to make your office better for work and comfort. We add things like comfy furniture to help everyone work better and enjoy being in the office.

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I’m the lead architect, I  have a masters degree in Management Studies from Warsaw University, where I also finished doctoral studies. Moreover, I graduated with distinction from postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Interior Design and Exhibition of the Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. I have recently graduated from WSEIZ architecture with a distinction. I’ve also completed a course: Using Data to Design Your Workplace: Offices, Technology and People at Harvard University Graduate School of Design. I strive to keep improving and always seek new ideas and experiences.


I’m an architect and interior designer. I graduated with an engineering degree in architecture from Społeczna Akademia Nauk in Warsaw. I just started master studies in architecture at the University of Ecology and Management in Warsaw.
I am eager to develop my skills in the field of architecture and interior design by participating in trainings and courses.


I graduated from the Polish-Japanese Academy of Technology with a degree in interior design. I am currently living in barcelona and have started my second degree which includes topics related to commercial interiors and retail design. Staying in such a colorful and diverse city allows me to constantly seek architectural inspiration and experiences.


I graduated with an engineering degree in spatial management from Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin. Currently, I am finishing my studies in interior architecture at the University of Ecology and Management in Warsaw. Recently I had the pleasure of participating in an international exchange and studied in Spain at the School of Design Murcia. I am eager to develop my skills by attending workshops and trainings on interior design and urban planning.


 I manage marketing At Fruitorchard, I also handle our website and translations.
I am currently studying psychology on SWPS and am interested in the psychology of marketing.


Aria is responsible for keeping our stored documents safe. At the young age of 2 she became the Chief Security Officer at Fruitorchard and continues to suprise us everyday. Her great attitude and positivity make her a phenomenal team player.


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